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A signal has been found. Download a recording of the signal here. Do not modify this file in any way!

We believe there is some sort of message hidden in the signal using a form of encryption known as steganography (hiding several encrypted files inside of one carrier file). The carrier file will function normally even with the other files hidden inside of it.

The Windows based software used to unmask and decrypt the true message is on the server, but due to an error with our backup software, the name of the file has been changed. It used to be found at the following URL:

The 'Masker' portion has been changed. You must find the new name for the file in order to download it. This may seem impossible, but keep in mind that the answer to every problem begins at it's 'source'.

Once the software is installed, and the message is being analyzed, a password-like key will be needed to decrypt and extract the true message. Just enter the universally common frequency of hydrogen times π out to the 4th decimal place.

When the true message is unlocked from this signal, it is then up to you to figure out what to do with it.


Pictures from the original cache camera are available at this link.