Oregon History Lessons

Oregon is a great place to live! It's also full of great history. Many historical locations in Oregon are noted with large wooden signs describing what took place in those areas. These signs are very old and are starting to show their age. A great project is currently underway to restore them. I urge you to check out their site. I also urge you to visit as many of these historical markers as you possibly can. You may learn something about Oregon that you never knew before!

To help you locate these sites, a Moonrize project has been created to place geocaches at many, if not all of these historical sites.

Here's what we have so far:

History Lesson #1859: Champoeg Rendezvous by Maps-R-Us and Skooter

History Lesson #01: The Joseph Meek Land Claim by fractal

History Lesson #2.1: The Sunset and The Burn by fractal

History Lesson #3.1: Spruce and Cloutrie by fractal

History Lesson #04: McKenzie River by Makaio

History Lesson #05: Carto Cache by Maps-R-Us

History Lesson #06: McLoughlin by Ryan & Crystal

History Lesson #07: Wyam Falls by Logscaler and Red

History Lesson #08: Willamette Falls by Navdog

History Lesson #09: Batteries Plus by Maps-R-Us

History Lesson #10: Above the Garden by Logscaler and Red

History Lesson #11: Applegate Trail by Gloom

History Lesson #12: Champoeg, Rinse and Repeat by Soup and Co.

History Lesson #13: Kitty's X by Matt and Laura and Co.